About Aeros Media Group

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide digital solutions to problems facing enterprises using unique strategies and tactics to further expand monetary growth.

We believe that there is a solution to every problem. With persistence and sheer determination, we have grown from nothing into the powerhouse we are today.

With a distributed remote-only team, we are able to quickly manage any task and our ability to pivot is second to none. We never settle for less than perfection, and we always deliver what we promise.

We believe in having integrity and stand tall in the face of adversity. We never let our mission be at risk for lack of planning, knowledge, or execution.

Our History

We began as a small entity and have consistently grown year-after-year, offering more and more services to enterprises of all kinds.

  • August 2007

    The first iteration of the company was formed

  • September 2009

    We get into the digital space

  • January 2010

    The first usage of "Aeros" is added to the company

  • April 2011

    We expand into ecommerce

  • October 2014

    We expand into digital products and online courses

  • July 2020

    We expand into software development

  • February 2021

    We expand into business consulting, internet marketing, and digital product development for enterprises

  • January 2024

    We expand into custom A.I. development for businesses of all sizes

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